Hi, I’m Pinkelstien and I am a nerd… This was meant to be the first post

Hi I’m Pinkelstien and I am a nerd…

This is my first adventure into writing a blog. Long time contributor first time…

I would really love to see this blog be an exchange of ideas rather than the ‘school yard’ name calling that often happens on blogs and forums. This annoys me, a lot. I’m not interested in name calling and other crap like that.  I’m more interested in hearing about other peoples thoughts, feeling, insights, and experiences on the articles that are posted here. There will be a mix of my own work, works of others in the community, real authors, and quotations.

I’m a pinko nerd atheist, most of the postings will be in this vein.

As I am an atheist, this blog will be structured in a way that may upset some people here on the blogosphere.  Mainly those of the religious and spiritual inclination. I am not here to upset anyone, just express an opinion and open up some lively discussion on science, rational thought, human nature and whatever else I can think of.

I have my doubts that anyone will read this. So, if you do, I suggest that you don’t post Pro-Religion sentiments on here that are not relevant to the discussion. I have no tolerance for trolls of any nature. In other words, find somewhere else, it’s a big interweb.

So there you go, first real post to follow.  When I work out what the first post will be…


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