The Soap Box…part 1 of lots and lots.

I look at what is happening in the world and I am in despair. For all the blustering over money and who owns what and who did what to whom, which religion is more true than the other, blah, blah, blah.  For fuck sack,  kids are still dying, women and gays are still denied basic human rights. Why have we not grown up and found a better way? This system fucking sucks and the only ones who benefit are the rich and fucking ignorant.

I think of the French Revolutionaries and what they originally stood for. The rights for ALL people. It torments me to think that we have not come any further evolved than The Guillotine. In reality we have only made it more refined and it’s probably digital and will break after the warranty is up…

Humanity is in short supply and we have to act now!

I look at the reaction to the “Flood Tax” and I am humiliated by the lack of compassion and empathy that I find in people. Even people who were and still are effected by last years Black Saturday are opposing The Flood Tax.  WTF!!?? Are we becoming America? Are we going to let our countrymen suffer in a similar style to that of Cyclone Katrina? Not while I live here! Not while I breath!! I don’t see how a latte is more important than a person.

I want Australia to be known as a place where everyone is valued. I want an Australia that helps when others face such loss and grief. Not one that rallies around only when it’s free.

I am inspired by Ruby Rose, whom sends a much needed message of giving and love. She has offered her time and has been tweeting about the clean up. The last tweet I saw, was her painting and cleaning someone’s house. I know not everyone can give time, but I am pretty sure that most Australians, if they wanted to, could justify a little extra tax, to help out our people. I would want that if my community were under water or in ashes.

Is too much to ask that the people of Queensland have infrastructure? Schools? Roads? Public facilities such as libraries and parks? Home insurance wont pay for that. This is our chance to show the world that we aren’t the small minded xenophobe wankers that they think we are. This is a chance to do something good and show the world the right way to treat people.

Lets be a proud nation of altruistic thinkers.

**Packs up soap box**


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