Anthem to my life: Fix You Up by Tegan and Sara

My love for Tegan and Sara is obsessive. It’s a good thing I don’t have any money, because I would buy a lot of stuff I probably don’t need. I’d like to share with you one song that has profound meaning to me. The lyric’s capture the essence of part of my OCD which “Responsibility”. What does that mean Pinky? I hear you ask. Well, that means I have a pervasive urge to “rescue” people and I take responsibility for things that are out of my control and the responsibility towards the welfare of other to the extreme. Think Hyper-Alturism. It’s very distressing because I am perpetually broke, I can’t help as many people as I would like. Medication has really helped and finding a positive direction for my anxiety that surrounds the welfare of others by going to uni, getting my degree and then working out the rest later. I do struggle with the ambiguity…but that’s a whole other post. Enjoy Ms Quin & Ms Quin…They are modern poets. I adore them.


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