Pinky’s Better Access Rant…

****Please note: That the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of the alliance or any of their affiliates. ****

This meme is in protest to the cuts to better access.

This is a ridiculous decision made, partly, on the basis of some warped economic rationalism. Last time I checked, you can’t tell someone how long to take getting better from cancer, then how come you get to tell me how long it should take to get over my mental illness? If I could talk to the PM, I would ask her to listen to *ALL* the evidence and to hear some of your stories. I’m really afraid for us. For my more vulnerable mentals out there. The ones who slip through cracks. <insert longsigh.mp4>

I told one of my friends that if anything happened to her, I would avenge her by suing everyone. Another friend who was in a acute depressive phase of his Bipolar (It took him FOUR YEARS to get the DSP for chronic Bipolar 1) He couldn’t afford to have therapy with a reasonable psychiatrist. In fact his first experience with the psychiatric system of mental health was traumatising…so ACE! *HEAD DESK*

Anyway kids, it’s getting late here and It’s meds o’clock for me.

Please, if you have a mental illness or don’t.  Support the Alliance and write to the pollies. Spread the word that they want to attack the most vulnerable people.

For more information on The Alliance for Better Access please visit their website:




2 thoughts on “Pinky’s Better Access Rant…

  1. I feel for you. I could use a psychiatrist but it’s not even a thought. The American healthcare system is lousy. Everyone needs better access everywhere and to remove the stigma of us crazies. :p

    • Hi Rose,
      You’re my first EVER comment!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

      We really need to remove the stigma. It’s deadly. I’m not sure what the right way to attack it is. Us mental’s are often fragile and unable to engage it campaigns. Here in Australia we have our first mental health “day” Like Red Nose Day for SIDS, it’s called RUOK Day.

      The American Health Care system is more than lousy. It’s human rights abomination (IMHO). Do you have online crisis support systems? eHealth? Maybe a quick google? Ask them if they have any information on support groups etc; who can help you along, until you find some way of seeing a psychiatrist. If you’re on Facebook, there are loads of little communities working together to support each other.

      Thanks for being my first ever comment!

      Lots of mental hugs

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