SOAP BOX ~ Acceptance

So once again I am annoyed! Dear Reader, you must think of me as an angry bitter-bottom. I’m not really. I just get really upset by injustice. By intolerance. By selfishness. There’s a lot of it around at the moment. :/

Time and time again, I see my friends on Twitter and Facebook (FB) being told that their posts are offensive or that they are going to Hell. Here’s the thing. A person is entitled to their space to express themselves. It this era, your wall or twitter-feed is your space. In this instance, I am only speaking of benign stuff, not discriminatory or hate filled posts. I get PMs (This ONLY happens on FB to me) saying that my Pro-Atheist posts (usually in the form of hilarious meme’s) makes me like a Fundamental Christian. Oh! how I chuckle. On top of that, my posts about my struggles with my mental illnesses also causes much distress to others (I know. WTF right?).

“People don’t want to hear about it Pinky. It makes them uncomfortable and say the wrong thing. Then you get up set”  Really? Well maybe that says more about them, than it does about me. Why should I be ashamed of who I am? Because I have mental illnesses I am somehow a bad person? Is that it? Or is it because the person makes some pretty wild assumptions what it means to be mental ill? Or perhaps the person is ignorant? How is this my fault? Oh, and I don’t get up-set (as in crying): I get angry. There’s a difference.

So I’m going to say this for the record; “My wall/feed, my choice. If you don’t like it you have a choice. Unfollow me. Simple”. No biggy. If I know you IRL, I’m still going to talk to you or whatever. I understand that for some people, I am offensive. I’m not sorry.

Why can’t we just accept people? Acceptance doesn’t require you to like it/them. It requires you to just accept. Easy peasy poo. To challenge one’s beliefs is a gift from evolution in the form of higher order thinking. Why waste that on ugliness? When there is so much to discover and learn. When every single person on this earth contributes to the richness, beauty, and randomness of the social fabric of society.

Untill we ALL start using the higher processors of our brains, I will keep standing up for people’s right to express themselves and not be bullied/trolled.




2 thoughts on “SOAP BOX ~ Acceptance

  1. I just don’t get the people who get uncomfortable when you talk about or mention your own mental illnesses. Honestly, they are not contagious! Being made aware of them doesn’t mean you will ‘catch’ one! It makes them uncomfortable because it is not normal to them, there is still a lot of stigma and taboo attached to mental illness but this will never change unless it is spoken about.

    You have hit the nail on the head about acceptance though. It is not about liking or believing their view or liking them personally. That is not required or even particularly desireable but it is about just accepting that they have a different viewpoint. Doesn’t mean you can’t argue/discuss/debate with someone either.

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