Ranty Pants (possibly doesn’t make any logical sense due to being over-tired)

Dear People,

Firstly, I just need to tell you that you need to look at biases you use when judge people especially if you use media as your only source for information. I’ve seen some pretty nasty things said about Matthew Newton and the crappy place he seems to find himself in by people who understand NOTHING about mental illness. Now, please don’t start saying “But he hit that cabby and has been done by the cops in New York”. My sentiment is that mental illness is NOT an excuse, it’s a rationale. Yes, he needs to “repay society” if you will, but he should do it via a different pathway. He certainly shouldn’t be allowed to remain out of Australia (but I don’t anything about law so, you know). I believe a house arrest, daily therapy and supervised community work. And not pissing about using is celebrity because that’s just free self-promotion. I’m talking about working  in refuges, with social workers, or the homeless. Real community service should be enough for him to repay his debt and hopefully be rehabilitated and he can go back to doing whatever it is he chooses to do.

Mr Newton’s plight is not really want I want to publicly whinge about.

This post is really directed at all the inconsiderate, selfish and rude people out there . In two days I have been knocked over or hip and shouldered by of several these people. No apology. No excuse me. No..can you breath? Just bad manners. I read on twitter that Catherine Deveney was recently attacked on her bike, a female journalist is missing, and god knows how many women and children are being abused or killed even as I type. Madness.

Here’s the thing, If you don’t like someone, that’s okay. Really, you don’t have to agree with everyone. You just need to accept them and leave it be. Move on. Don’t attack them,  their family or friends. Just shut up and move along. YOU have no right. Here’s a bubble burster…There are people on this earth right now, who think your a royal pain in the butt. I know…Shocking huh? So with that in mind, how would YOU like them to treat you? Would you like them to physically assault you?  Would you like to be called hideous things EVERYDAY? And before you say “I wouldn’t care” or “they are famous so they should be able to take it” all I say to that is, if you can’t tell the difference between criticism and abuse you need to shut up and read a dictionary. Criticism should be based on the work the person has produced. The legitimacy of the content. Whatever that content maybe. But you don’t get to attack the person, their families nor their friends, because the moment you do, you lose credibility.  <breaths>

Lets go back to basics.

If you accidentally run into someone when walking (for example), all you need to do is say “I’m sorry” and then smile. That’s it. You could have really hurt that person and you have an ethical responsibility to see if they are okay. It’s also just good bloody manners. If your sitting on a train/tram/bus and someone older is standing, you offer them the seat. Give them the chance to refuse or accept. Don’t sit while someone vulnerable stands. If you do that…your an arse. Here’s another thing, be generous. If a pregnant woman is waiting for the loo, let them go ahead of you. Unless you have been pregnant, you don’t understand the kind of urgency that a woman with a boulder bouncing on her belly feels. It’s nice to be nice. It’s free too.

Smile and say thank you.

Wouldn’t you like someone to be nice to you? For no reason? Just because. What’s wrong with that? Why is that not a social norm? It would benefit us as a species, to be a little bit nicer.

I’ve had a hard day and sometimes I think I’m the only one who sees it. I see that we can’t survive as species if we’re not nice to each other. Killing our young men and women by sending them off too war doesn’t promote our species. I think I need to sleep or watch some kind of bad drama…bad television always lifts my spirits.

I want you all to try something for me. Sometime in the next 24 do one thing you don’t have too.  Just because it’s a nice thing to do. Something small, like what’s been mentioned above. If those don’t appeal, trying saying thank you to the person who makes your coffee or lunch and try meaning it. 😉



up yours


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