What A Week: A Reflective Piece (bit ranty at the end)

This past week has been difficult particularly the latter half. The rape and murder of Ms Gillian (Jill) Meagher has left a lot of people feeling a bit on edge (see http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-09-27/man-charged-with-rape-murder-of-jill-meagher/4284826). This anxiety is revealing itself in some pretty ugly ways. I have seen friends, usually loving and supportive of each other, turn into irrational and intolerant and cruel towards each other. I have seen usually rational people, even after being told not to jeopardise the criminal case, still go ahead and make outrageous accusations that they cannot support and that could possibly see a guilty man go free.  I have seen women speak unfairly and without cause or evidence about others. Rather than analysing what was actually written or said, they just bitch (or group think as it is called in my beloved psychology) like a bunch of high school girls. It saddens me that while the murder of Ms Meagher was still making its way into social conscious, they turn on each other. What does that say? They are educated women, surely they can rise above the pack mentality? Ms Meagher’s death should not be in vein, it should remind us to be grateful for our friends and family, not matter how limited or vast. Please, by all accounts Ms Meagher was a warm and thoughtful person, lets up hold those values, let that be what drives us forward not anger and violence (either verbal or physical).

These observations have been made over many versions of social media of which I partake in. I just want to clarify that I am not talking about 1 or 2 people but lots.

Yesterday I was so upset with the world I wanted to pack up the kids,  Mr P, and the animals and move as far away from this so called “advanced society” as I could. Somewhere I could hide from all the violence and anger. So I wrote a blog instead (see: http://wp.me/pYozN-3R) and this morning I was able to hear the Triple J closet tapes (see:  http://tindeck.com/listen/dulw) and became more despondent.  On top of the wide spread grief for Ms Meagher; Mr Jones goes and says some of the most distasteful remarks I have ever heard. This is from someone who survived both the Kennett and the Howard Years. It takes a lot to make truly disgusted. After researching for my blog I realised that this man has had a lot leniency over the years (how many times can one person be held in contempt of court before it’s a serious crime?) and Mr Tony Abbott’s statement in regards to what was said not only condones Mr Jones behaviour and attitudes and lends some weight to that argument that “cash for comments” is still alive and well, it’s just this time it’s not cash, this time it’s political support (at the highest end) and a licence for hate speech for which the consequences are minimal. When you have men like Mr Jones riding the airwaves saying that women are “destroying the joint” is it any wonder that violent crimes against women are so prevalent? When you have top parlimentarian’s like Mr Abbott and Mr Joe Hockey, you can’t wonder why violent crimes happen (and yes I realise there are other factors). I know Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey would both argue, “We don’t condone violence towards women” my reply would be, “No out loud you don’t, but, your behaviour speaks louder than words”. Their relationship with Mr Jones and open support (until yesterday) was almost farcical as was Mr Abbott’s two line statement regarding Mr Jones’ behaviour. Saying that “it’s good he apologised” is so contrite and pathetic I keep wondering if it’s real or am I not reading it properly…Alas all checks have proven that it is true. <sad sigh> (see: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/tony-abbott-joins-chorus-condemning-jones/story-fn59niix-1226484661391)

We need to take stock Ladies and Gentleman. We need to continue to boycott all companies that have a relationship to Mr Jones and 2GB until he is removed. The law needs to be reviewed and “a code of practice* needs to be made into something far more powerful (which I’ll leave to the Legal Geeks to work out) in order to stop this kind of hatred being aired. I am still shocked that he got away with in sighting the Cronulla Riots. I mean WTF. If I did that, goodness! The law applies to everyone, even to Mr Jones.

On reflection this week has been a bit WTF to be honest. Everyone just needs to keep calm and destroy the joint.



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