Just when you think you’ve seen the worst…This shows up. *head desk*

So I was casually scrolling through Facebook (FB) when I saw this:


At first I thought it was a joke. Surely in 2012, the Australian Psychological Society (the registering and governing body for psychologists) would not tolerate such outrageous statements as:

“In the case of male homosexuality, sodomy and fellatio are psychological and biological aversive acts and are therefore harmful to the individual,”

and this:

“They are addicted to these behaviours which are harmful. As a heroin addict is addicted to a behaviour that is harmful and keeps on doing it. It’s exactly the same.”

I’d like to ask Mr Pocock for the evidence for those claims and the bible doesn’t count. I want to see research papers, their samples and what biases are at play. How is homosexuality biologically aversive? Where’s your evidence? The LGBT community has the highest rates of self harm and suicide not because they are homosexual but because people say things like:

“People who are engaging in aberrational behaviour, is similar to say a heroin addict – people have the right to discriminate against employing a heroin addict, renting accommodation to a heroin addict,” 

And when posed that very argument his response is this:

“Gay marriage bill dead. That is real love. Now to criminalize sodomy and prevent self-harm – even greater love for misguided homosexuals.” (@philippocock, Twitter, 19/09/2012)

Basically what I am seeing here Dear Reader, is what most abusers do. Blame the victim. “It’s because I love you that I say these vile and hurtful things” Can’t you feel the love? Mr Pocock doesn’t see his behaviour as abusive, but it is. To say that criminalising homosexuality (notice in his quotes he only really refers to male homosexuality. See reference links below) will stop people from harming themselves is the opposite to what the literature says. It will increase suicides. That’s what happens when you systematically oppress people. They either hurt themselves or others. It’s not right to inflict that on human beings.  The DSM* dropped homosexuality as a mental illness back in the 1980’s and with the upcoming release of DSM-V I don’t see it being re-added.

I am not calling for this man to be dropped from the ballot. Most rational people will see the stupidity of criminalising homosexuality. What I do object to is his registration with the APS. This kind of practise should not be sanctioned by the APS. Psychologists are here to help, not oppress and emotionally damage people further. Like in medicine, our decree should be to “do no harm” and if a person presents concerned about their sexuality, it is our job to guide them to their own conclusions, not condem them. This kind of attitude causes serious harm to a person. On these statements alone, Mr Pocock needs to unceremoniously removed from the registry. The APS should have a zero tolerance policy on bigotry and promotion of hatred, disguised as love.

I’d also like to caution against hate-tweeting this person. Don’t become what you hate. Rise above that kind of base behaviour and argue the point not the man. Demand evidence, don’t call names. Use evidence yourself not slander. Rise above the anger and conduct yourself in a way that gives this man any excuse to criticise supporters and members of the LGBT because that only validates his claims. Like this tweet:

“@xxxx Influx of foul mouthed abuse over my views on sodomy – not surprised as people who abuse themselves will not hold back on me.” (@philippocock, Twitter, 24/09/2012)

So the current social climate her in Australia is hostile at the moment. We have radio hosts being malicious and now this.  Why are shock jocks even popular? What does that say about the social psyche? Why is there so much aggression? When will we really be fed up? When will the people who actually do the work to keep this country going (that’s you and me folks) going to say, “no more”. No more dirty politics, no more muck raking. When are we going to stop tolerating this kind of hate fulled attitudes? I don’t listen to commercial radio because there’s no honesty in it. You can hear the bias and crap. Give me ABC Melbourne any day. Yeah, I know it’s not perfect but at least it’s a bit more honest. They do need more comedy though, but, that’s another post and/or email to the ABC. LOL Gawd, I feel sorry for the poor intern who has to read all my over excited emails. LOL

On that note Dear Reader, I must away. This french stuff wont learn itself. I know, I’ve tested the hypothesis.



*DSM is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders. The currant edition is DSM-IV-TR and available in hard copy online. The new edition DSM-V is due to be released in around May, 2013, although it may be longer than that. I’m closely monotoring this as I am obsessed with diagnostics.  😀 For more information about the DSM-V please click  http://www.dsm5.org/Pages/Default.aspx

Reference Links:






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