An Open Letter to the Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard

Dear Prime Minister Gillard,

I’m writing to in regards to your speech in parliament today. I have to say, I have watched it several times and am deeply impressed.

Firstly,  you stood up for Australian women and put on the record that you were insulted by the behaviour of Mr Abbott and his kin. You proved your point without lowering yourself to the language of Mr Abbott et al; I did enjoy you razzing him about waking up and discovering sexism. You bombarded him with examples of his own vile behaviour while in office under the Howard Government. I applaud your ability to remind him that inequality for women is very real and he contributes to .

Secondly, I thank you for bringing back some kind of dignity to the House Of Representatives and Prime Ministership. You spoke with conviction, passion, and strength. I believe I saw a few Liberal MP’s shift uncomfortably in the seats, generally a sign of uncomfortable agreement. I believe the speech you gave today was probably your best to date.

Thirdly, you gave me a small moment of hope. That likes of Mr Abbott and is school yard bully friends, will never have control to govern my life. It was hard enough for me under Howard’s Regime let alone what Mr Abbott would do.

Twitter is alive with your praise and one tweet in particular has stood out. This from @jamesadonis

If Julia Gillard spoke every day the way she spoke in parliament today, Tony Abbott would not be leading in the polls. #lateline
9/10/12 10:43 PM

Please keep this in mind the next time your in front of the press.

Thank you for today. Please, for everyone’s sake, be that PM everyday and keep Mr Abbott and his bullies out of the top job.

Yours Sincerely



2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard

  1. Spot on. I’m a 46 yo bloke and I had tears in my eyes. That was the real Julia and I fully rndorse your sentiments.

    • I was yelling ‘hear hear’ at my computer. The conversations I have had today have been very saddening. I have heard “I miss Howard” and Gillard “went on a rant”, that she made up half the quotes. My first question was “Have you watched or listened to her speech? Do you have evidence to support your claimes?” The answer was “No, but I read parts of it in the paper.” I asked them “So how can you say that she’s making quotes up? How do you know what she said in context?”
      I took great pleasure in pointing out they best refresh their memories on
      a) how government works;
      b) what was actually said and not said, and
      c) to think more critically and not just take media as gospel.

      The worst of it was that they were young women. I was really disappointed. :/

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