Dear ABC, In response to Q and A tonight.

Dear ABC,

Wow, just finished listening to Q and A online. Talk about proving my point about the rampant misogynistic attitudes in Australian politics and media. Even on my beloved Aunty.  When Ms Kate Ellis, was trying to answer a question, asked of her, Mr Christopher Pyne and Mr Piers Akerman would talk directly over her. Mr Pyne had the social grace of mule and spoke to a young audience member in an unnecessarily aggressive and condescending manner. To say that her question was an unpaid advertisement for Labor is yet another display of his school yard bully attitude. He showed no respect for himself, the questioner, nor the people watching or listening to the show. To say that Mr Tony Abbott has never said anything against women, even in the face of evidence, is again a sign of selective memory. Mr Pyne himself has said some pretty vile things about the PM. Mr Akerman is a disgusting creature, every time he opened his mouth he proved further that the Liberal Party have no idea and what a powerful force social media is. Look at Alan Jones lastest sh!t-storm and the Jill Meagher case. The Liberal’s are foolish if they don’t quickly get hip with the kids. To discount the online community is to commit political suicide.

I was disappointed in Tony Jones as well. You know this makes me sad. I am a massive Silver-Fox fan-girl and to see him fail to mediate Mr Pyne and Mr Akerman when Ms Ellis was speaking spoke volumes about the character of Mr Tony Jones. Disappointing. I know what they would say; “Don’t be so sensitive Pinky”. Well guess what…you make me like this. You make me angry because out of your mouth comes one thing and yet your behaviour screams the very opposite. Actions speak louder than words. Why is it okay to speak over Ms Ellis, demand an answer that she was trying to give? But when Mr Pyne starts getting shouty, you do nothing?  Gentlemen, you make me cry. I have a daughter and it’s your behaviour that makes me scared for her. It makes me fear for her safety. You all have privileged positions of power over others, why can’t you model the type of behaviours you’d hope to see in young men? Those of respect for self and others, diplomacy and willingness to stand up for those with a lesser voice than their own. You need to remember one thing Gentlemen, if we stop engaging, you lose your voice too. So while you sit aloft your ivory towers, remember, you’re only there because, we the people, say it’s okay.

Another question ABC, where are the female presenters? *raises eyebrow* Ever thought of having female co-hosts on the radio? I don’t know about other states, but 774 is very male dominated. When such talent as Libby Gore and countless other female social commentators are available? I don’t know if Ms Gore is available, I just want to hear her everyday, she has great taste in music. My motives on this one are purely selfishly motivated.

So, seriously Aunty, watch Q and A with a critical eye. Watch the appealing behaviour by all the male panel members. Ms Ellis, thankfully seems a resilient woman who has some kind dignity and carried herself very well. (will insert iview link when available)

Thanks for your time.




One thought on “Dear ABC, In response to Q and A tonight.

  1. Hi Pinky

    I agree it was disturbing to watch, as well as frustrating as hell to listen to. I don’t think Kate Ellis was able to finish a single sentence. The jocular camaraderie between Pyne and Tanner absolutely floored me, like what the?? And Akerman’s condescending advice to Ellis, to go and ask another, more patriarchy-approved woman,, about things, was outrageous. You would think that with all the buzz about sexism around at the mo that they’d at the very least try and pretend when in public, but no…that’s how much we as women don’t matter.

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