Meme Therapy.

One of my favourite mash-ups.



Who said you couldn’t do anything.



Obviously this kids parents are awesome. So cool. 😀






















Come on nerds!!! Get out there and fix this shit up.





hahahahaha yeah…it’s hard slog some morning. Turn on kettle, try and find cup. Forget what you were doing. LOL Story of my life





That is all



Oh look! That’s me…Not the bloke. That’s Mr William Shorten, MP. The words on the screen are mine. Shut up it is a big deal.

so true…














No need to give any examples… >_<



















Yeah, I have thoughts and feelings and everything








So that’s nice




And then the kids come home



What’s not to love?



Can I have this tattooed on a few peoples heads…















Dear Friends



Think about it,




















What’s not to LOL?



I hate it when that happens




This could be serious.



Okay then.












So many levels, this is so true.



I know, right?



Bit iffy on english.




It’s the anticipation that I love…














I sent this to Mr P 3 days after valentine’s day in an email. I went all out this year.



Happens way to often for it to be a coincidence.




Yep. That’s about got everything covered.







Like a boss



But I don’t have to tell you that.






Dr Player


























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