Meme Therapy ~ Mixed Meme

Good Grief





























The big questions need to be asked.





I don't know why I want these

How many hipsters are having a melt down right now?




















AND it’s a free service! Win-win




Rocky Horror (Der) and Cluedo.
















Yes please



Wanna a turn a woman on? Talk to her.


























That is all














I love this campaign so much. I wish I could grow a stash…wait…no I don’t O.o




The name Joss Whedon gives me some hope for the future.

Wholly Shitballs



























Tick, Tick, & Tic

















So true it’s a bit scary

I know, right












Also a free service











I like to follow the rules.









Again so true it scares me















The rooster speaks the truth.



I’m good with it.














Scratch the surface…



So much awesome












So much awesomesauce

Not too much to ask really


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