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The Mind and other confusions

Hi Dear Reader,

This post is pure rant. Pure repressed anger at the world. I don’t know if you’ve guessed or not but I am a woman. Of sorts. I’m uncomfortable with word when applied to me. Something to do with me fearing growing up <cough*bollocks>. As I woman when I read about 12 year old girls being shot for wanting to learn, I know shits gone wrong. When I heard that particular story, I thought “Is it’s 2012 or 1700’s?” We haven’t really changed much as species, we just pretend we have. Women are afforded some liberty but are still in the majority of victim’s of crime. Across all socio-economic statuses women are victim’s of crime. It’s 2012 and these statistic’s are pretty much the same across time.

Here’s in Australia, women have it pretty good by comparison. In other countries however, young girls are sold into marriage. It’s 2012…

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