An Open Letter To Mr Butler ~ When will your madness end!? SUICIDE WARNING

This post contains discussions about suicide. If you or anyone you know are experience feelings of suicide

please call  Lifeline on 13 11 14

or follow the link for online services—Information/Lifeline-Services


This post is based on the following article:

Dear Mr Butler,

Surely you have read the story about the WA girl who posted a video about the state of affairs of the WA mental health service before attempting suicide. Yes, I know that’s a state problem before you brush me aside. If you haven’t, follow the link above.

This is what I was talking about. This is what I and my fellow mental health advocates have been trying to draw your attention too. People are dying. The people that you are supposed to represent.  How many people have to actually die before you do something? Don’t make cuts to frontline mental health services (CAT & MAT Teams, CYMHS) and to psychologists who are not only on the frontline but also play a huge rule in recovery.

The young girl who posted the video deserves to be represented and I believe you are incapable of doing so. You have cut funding to the support services for this young girl by saying she only deserves 10 sessions with a psychologist once she is home. Please don’t try to tell me that she can see a psychiatrist because as I have argued before, they compliment each other. The psychiatrist manages the psycho-medical side , while the psychologist focuses on the other area’s such as CBT. This girl deserves a full compliment of treatments, not the insult you are offering her. I really do hope she pulls through and my thoughts are with her family and friends and my anger is pointed directly at you. She was a young girl, she deserved all the help we could give her. We should have done everything in our power to prevent this event from happening. But we didn’t and now she is in hospital. What words could comfort her family and friends right now? Sorry just doesn’t seem enough.

Mr Butler, I don’t know what it will take to make you see what is going on. I had hoped that a video of a young girl would be it.


Your Faithfully








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